Grab your customers' attention and close more sales with better content!

I’ve helped many entrepreneurs step away from the ledge and overcome the sense of dread and overwhelm creating content can produce. Let me help you move past the dread and create content your audience craves!

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Hi, I'm Lisa!

I help online businesses create the right content for the right audience … generating an increase in their sales and profits.  

Six years ago I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. I felt stuck and trapped in my “good government” job and wanted more freedom over my life. As the mom of three (ages 21, 14, and 13), I had no clue how I was going to make it happen. I didn’t think I had any skills that could be used to build a business.

I’m a Gen Xer who was raised in a rural area of  South Carolina so it was expected that I graduate high school, get a good factory job, and retire with my gold watch and pen after 30+ years. But I knew I was destined for a different life.

I began offering freelance writing services to entrepreneurs looking for help with content creation. I quickly realized that most entrepreneurs needed to understand the basics of audience identification and creating strategic messaging.

The strategic process, is often overlooked—creating the frustration and anxiety most entrepreneurs face when trying to develop marketing messages.

It’s my goal to make sure you’re not one of those entrepreneurs. I’m here to make sure we dot our “i’s” and cross our “t’s” and give the people what they want and need in a strategic manner. There will be no mindless content creation on my watch (I’m a former Navy veteran, so I had to throw that in).

I’m not simply here to help you create content, I’m also here to help you present your brand more confidently. Knowing your content is on point will help you speak about your brand in a different manner, causing your current and prospective customers to trust your brand and give you their loyalty.

I’m here to help you create the right content for the right audience so you can increase your sales and profitability.